Best Microwave Oven Repair Service In Bangalore

You are looking for microwave repair service near your area then you are right I place

Qicket best microwave oven repair service in Bangalore. we repair all type of microwave oven repair service. throat Bangalore. LG Microwave Oven Repair Service. Samsung Microwave repair service. IFB microwave repair service. Whirlpool microwave repair service. many other brands. microwave repair service. Our service technician have very good knowledge. on micro oven repair service. there have 9 years experience expert there Owen field. Our visiting charge is very low. 249. we repair your micro oven your doorstep on your schedule time

Problems on micro microwave oven

Microwave Oven Repair Service in Bangalore

My micro oven is not getting on

Your microwave oven is not getting on problem mens. there are multiple technical problems. you have to check all one by one connectivities. there Many reasons to that problem. Qicket will teach how to resolve that problem … Call to Contact us 9449220591 Microwave Oven Repair Service in Bangalore

first you go to check the your socket. that means your 3 pin plug point socket. there you are switch off position means. your microwave oven it will not on. then you shift the ON position. microwave oven display will on. your problem resolved

Still you getting same issue. then problem is inside the microwave oven. then call to contact our service Microwave Oven Repair Service in Bangalore

Microwave oven food not heating

Not heating microwave oven. this is the one of the common problem. in the microwave oven. there are several reasons not heating. which program as selected you. how much time you selected. it is all counted. for that issue. see the program and timing. then you give start button start … Then your problem resolved

 Still you facing is same problem. then there is a some other issues. in the PCB board. otherwise touchpad buttons. it not working. switch off the microwave oven. contact Qicket LG Microwave Oven Repair Service technician 

call to contact our service Microwave Oven Repair Service in Bangalore

microwave oven taking so much time to heat the food

Most commonly there is a issue in heating. it will not heat. otherwise it will heat the food. but it takes too much time to heat a food. there is a problem in microwave magnetron. it produce the low heat. means it will take to mach time to heat. so please switch off the microwave oven. contact qicket professional service technician. they will resolve your problems…..

my microwave oven getting spark

Microwave oven sparking issues. when you will start the microwave oven. you will see some light spark inside the microwave oven. so that problem maybe inside the body damaged. so you have to change the whole microwave oven cabinet. otherwise go to buy a new micro oven. It is the best. why means if you change the whole cabinet body it will cost more. so better you go for new one 

what is the charges for microwave oven touch keypad

Touch keypad issue. one of the common issue in microwave oven. touch keypad not working. otherwise some function working. some function not working. so this most commonly. there is two types of issues. 1. is a PCB board not working. 2 otherwise PCB board touch keypad problem. how to find you contact the service technician. they will know how to replace and repair. your touch keypad. contact qicket

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